Organizational Development and Design is tricky. Capacity building is what happens between where you are now and where you want to go. We help to assess and move organizations with ambitious goals or the need to repair and redirect from unexpected change.

Too busy working in the business to work on it? Developing & designing your organization to match your ambitious goals is a science- without it, you create change projects and poor performance. Our methodology will systematically chart your growth and keep your leaders focused on expanding your potential.

Organizational Assessment

Our assessment methodology reviews your organization on eight dimensions to accurately identify the best use of your time. Our consultants perform a thorough organizational assessment with a mixture of methods to triangulate what we find: employee & customer data review, metrics and measurements assessment, rewards, compensation and culture, manager interviews and group data gathering focus groups or surveys. This priceless review from the outside looking it, fuels the best strategic plans.


  • In-depth Organizational Assessment Report

  • Leadership Team Assessment Report (optional)

  • Strategic Map (optional)

Organizational Development

OD: the intentional focus on organizational effectiveness and maturity dedicated to expanding the capacity of people, organizational change and performance

Our job is to cultivate leadership capacity on your management team so that they are moving the organization forward with each decision. But in some groups, those people are too busy keeping the lights on. We can help assess the development that needs to happen and empower your leaders or will stand in the gap to keep you focused, until you are able to spend more time working on your business rather than in it.


  • In-depth Organizational Development Map
  • Leadership Development Strategy (optional)
  • Competency Mapping: Employee (optional)
  • Executive Team Coaching (optional)
  • Strategic Planning (optional)
  • Leadership Team Off-Site/Team Building (optional)
  • Employee Meeting Facilitations (optional)
  • Custom Training Program Design (optional)

Organizational Design

Organizational Design: a step-by-step methodology which aligns the appropriate growth architecture of work flow, procedures, structures and systems, to fit current business realities.

Systems of collaboration are as dynamic as the people in them, but seldom do we revisit the organization’s design to ensure it is “built” for the challenge of today. This misalignment causes reoccurring problems that dominate our time and resources. Our Organizational Design experts help you align your structural elements with your goals.


  • Organizational Design Assessment and Workshop
  • Structure, Authority & Governance
  • Vision, Strategy, Strategic Priorities
  • Goals, Metrics & Compensation

  • Manager Meetings & Information Review

  • Accountability Structures

Capacity Building

The process of developing and strengthening the skills, instincts, abilities, processes, and resources that organizations and communities need to survive, adapt, and thrive in the quickly changing world.

You have a compelling vision and a clear strategy communicated that everyone understands. But do they have the capacity to do what they have never done before? Just because the goal is clear, doesn’t mean your team will have what it takes to pull it off. Our specialty is building capacity in teams and leaders. Let us help you see the gaps that must be filled before you miss the mark, or worse… your competition reaches the goal first.


  • Organizational Capacity Building Assessment
  • Employee Skills Review
  • Leadership Team Skills Review

  • Growth Review: Process, Tools, Technology & Partners

  • Innovation Review