Trey headshot.png

Trey McKnight

Process and Systems Partner

Trey McKnight, COO and Sr. Consultant, is deeply experienced in the art of taking complex group issues and transforming them into easy, actionable and measurable strategies that lead teams to new places of innovation, engagement and unity of purpose. Trey’s possesses unique neutrality and mediation skills that enables teams with diverse ideas to come together, plan, and execute their goals with the aid of technology and methods that encourage grass-roots ownership in change. Trey studied at the University of Texas and Texas State University, and holds an advanced degree in Work Force and Leadership Studies. Trey is a passionate advocate for employees with disabilities, specializing in the deaf and hard of hearing communities and those that interact with them.

Outside of work Trey is a student of all things (especially music making,) fisherman, motorcycle rider and dedicated basketball fan.