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***Team Building Architect Certification***

People often confuse team bonding with team building, using fun happy hour's and scheduled team time together outside of work to build relationship equity. While that is such an important part of what bonds teams together for times of challenge, and gives us a sense of safety with one another, we believe team building is deeper and has three important compontents:

1. Purpose (for this moment and these specific players)

2. Embodied Play (Simulated Struggle in the ways *this* team seems to have trouble.)

3. Opportunities to build deep relationships horizontally or vertically with people who are instrumental to their work done.

To design a team builder with this much intentionality, the facilitator/architect needs the design formula, and a wide range of team building activities to chose from that will allow you to tap into the wisdom of the body, play and group dynamics to achieve a fun and thought provoking debreif. Many teams have social cohesion without transcending team issues, or building the team.

In this full day training, attendees will learn how to properly identify the team building goals, methods, activities and outcomes. This incredibly fun training will model team building activities and teach theory that will help you practice on your cohort and walk away feeling confident about when (and how) to take serious team stuggles to the playground.

Two dates offered:

June 15th, 2024 San Francisco Ca

Oct. 11th, 2024 Austin Tx

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