Leadership Development Opportunities

Lisa Rueth was interviewed by BLR and HR Works about a keynote talk she gave titled "The Role of Leaders when robots, hackers and Uber drivers rule the world." Listen here for a 40 min recap of how leadership as we know it is changing!


September 25, 2019 9am, September 26, 2019 5pm

This Certification is for Leaders of all levels and will focus on the mechanics of guiding an organization and it's stakeholders through times of uncertainty with high trust, high employee retention and morale and superior dedication to the customer.

This is an opportunity to standardize the language and skills of your change agents to ensure a consistent approach for transitions. If your organization hasn't had an opportunity to step out of working in the business in a while to work on the business, this is your chance for a reflective and team building experience.

What We'll Cover

  • Models exploring the stages of Change vs. Transition
  • The differing roles of leadership and supervisors in vision, strategy & execution
  • The Soft Skills required of leaders to communicate in ways that motivate, foster trust and build the cultures you will need to carry your business into this new era.
  • The formula for redirecting change that hasn't gone well (e.g. merger integration, new...