Leadership Development Opportunities

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This 2.5 day course is desgined for leaders at all levels who want to super-charge their skills for gathering people. In today's world of hybrid meeting spaces, cameras, multi-tasking on multiple devices, or getting people in a room for urgent and rapid change-we have given new meaning to the phrase "death by meeting."

If you (or your organization) are tired of wasting time talking about things with no time to act on them, this Certification is for you. If you are often called upon by the organization to intervene on complex problem solving, conflict in siutations, or are charged with engagement and collaboration- this certification is also for you! Participants will learn how to lead a meeting that ensures innovation & productivity, facilitates cross-functional interventions, and cuts through complex problem solving with and practice proven models.

You will practice with methods such as Art of Hosting, Open Space Technology, Wold Cafe, Complexity Theory, Remote/Online meeting management, conflict mediation, Agile, data collection, questioning theory &...

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People often confuse team bonding with team building, using fun happy hour's and scheduled team time together outside of work to build relationship equity. While that is such an important part of what bonds teams together for times of challenge, and gives us a sense of safety with one another, we believe team building is deeper and has three important compontents:

1. Purpose (for this moment and these specific players)

2. Embodied Play (Simulated Struggle in the ways *this* team seems to have trouble.)

3. Opportunities to build deep relationships horizontally or vertically with people who are instrumental to their work done.

To design a team builder with this much intentionality, the facilitator/architect needs the design formula, and a wide range of team building activities to chose from that will allow you to tap into the wisdom of the body, play and group dynamics to achieve a fun and thought provoking debreif. Many teams have social cohesion without transcending team issues, or building the...

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June 1, 2024 - September 23, 2024

This cohort is facilitated by Cultivate Leadership to create a unique opportunity for change makers, activists, artists, organizers and passionate concerned citizens wanting to bridge divides in their communties.

In 2024, our teachers, Marcie Telander and Mark Schwiesow will teach Cultural Animation using their 40-year running leadership case study, Vinotok, to model how communities come together across political, class, & belief divides to create unity and reconnect people with the stories of their place. Apprentices will create their own unique community Earth-based event after completing the immersion, and Cultivate Leadership will provide coaching for all cohort members.

Our 40-year, week-long event serves as a powerful model of a Culture of Vision, of collective assistance and persistence. It has become an international image of enactment for all forms of Community Celebration. This festival is the result of decades of experience, co-creation, education and dedication through some of the first originators of Community Animation and Earth-Honoring communal...

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Lisa Rueth was interviewed by BLR and HR Works about a keynote talk she gave titled "The Role of Leaders when robots, hackers and Uber drivers rule the world." Listen here for a 40 min recap of how leadership as we know it is changing!