Executive Coaching

Director, VP and C Level Coaching

The Leadership Coaching Program, Leader Impact™ is a systematic program designed to take Executive Leaders to the next level. Our coaching methods help leaders to assess their strengths, aptitudes, ambitions, blocks and challenges and support them in making the lasting changes they desire. Coaching with Cultivate Leadership utilizes a combination of regular conversational coaching along with written and cognitive assignments, role playing and third party observation to develop people to their highest potential. Coaching goals are set, which allow us to benchmark the current state and measure the growth during our coaching plan.

In addition to skill building for the Leader, our ultimate goal is to remove the barriers to Authentic Leadership and prepare Leaders for effective and consistent interaction with their direct reports, while realizing their own full potential. We do not advocate that leaders imitate anyone but themselves when they lead, only help them to remove beliefs that no longer serve their roles and practice new skills and tools that empower their success. The coaching process typically takes between 4-12 sessions, depending on consistency of the meetings and the Executive’s goals for the coaching process. Executive Coaching, by nature, is a practice of empowerment and therefore designed to impart skills quickly. Coaching should never be a relationship of advice or council, but a challenging of core beliefs, an honest third party reflection of the truth and the tools and skills to move beyond personal limits.