Systems Thinking

We believe in organizations doing world-changing work. We specialize in empowering leaders, engaging teams and engaging boards, communities and partners.

Working directly at the intersection of the mission and the community, we infuse social change agents, idea incubators, non-profits, NGOs and social justice movements with three forms of support:

1. Facilitation of complicated dialogue: partners, community stakeholders, those with power

2. Leadership development & Coaching: staff, lay leaders, community organizers

3. Organizational Assessment: helping you prioritize limited resources and exit scarcity cultures

With extensive experience in non-profit, social change and community organizing clients, we know that your missions are the most important, and your resources are often the most stretched. Because of this, we prioritize work with organizations who lead, support or organize movements of liberation, those fighting to end violence and those working hard on climate justice movements. Our network of facilitators includes social change agents from around the globe that understand how to partner with your organization to create culturally congruent and safe spaces for big and important work. Some of the reasons your organization might engage our consultants:

  • Alternative Economic Models- Education and Retreats
  • Horizontal Governance, Agile Leadership and Self-Organizing structures
  • Workshops and Retreats to mature the organization in incremental stages
  • Bring self-care and trauma informed coaching to your staff
  • Conduct Board Retreats, Strategic Planning and Board Development programs

We believe in those doing world-changing work so much, that we offer both sliding scale pricing and scholarships for leaders with a cause.

Email to receive and application.

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Ask us about the social impact scholarship program!